Saturday, 6 August 2011

Out of Time

I'm so busy today and just didn't have time to do a proper post on what I was wearing or anything so I thought I'd put on some pictures from my holiday instead. I went to Tunisia and have only just been back for a week which is so depressing, I feel like my tan has fallen off already. Tunisia really isn't as bad as people think it is (though we didn't actually go outside the holiday complex and only walked from the pool to the beach to the bar) I've been 4 times now and to be honest its guaranteed hot weather!

I only managaed to take two pictures of what I was wearing while I was out there as my brother refused to take anymore for me as he got bored (god love 14 year olds :| ).

(White dress is from New Look and the floral playsuit is from Republic)

Rhiannon xoxo


  1. Great simple look! Good luck with your blog by the way! :)

  2. Wow, looks like you had a lovely holiday! I've never been to Tunisia but I'd love too! Ah, my sister is 14 and would be the exact same as your brother!;D

  3. I love the floral playsuit your wearing - gorgeous xx

  4. Looks lovely! I just got back from my holiday just under a week ago - missing it so much now! Haha. My brother gets really bored of taking pictures for me too! Bloody boys. But both your dresses look lovely on you x

    Natalie|Just a Thought

  5. I have that white dress too, it's so nice for the Summer weather, and I love your floral playsuit! xx


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