Monday, 28 May 2012

This is from our hearts

outfit 7.1 outfit 7.2 outfit 7.3 outfit 7.4 outfit 7.6

Shirt:- Matalan
Shorts:- H&M
Creepers:- Ebay
Glasses:- H&M

Hey my lovelies! Sorry about the delay between posting this week. Was going to post this on saturday but I'd been at work all week and quite frankly wanted to enjoy the sun (got a tad sunburnt..doh). This is what I wore saturday morning before I decided that I probably wouldn't get much of a tan in this. I reeeeally love this shirt and it was only £16! I didn't realise it had the cut out shoulders as I bought it online and obviosuly just saw the print and didn't even realise. I do quite like it though, looks a bit different!

I also re-did my dip-dye as I looooved it, Its nice and different and if I have something coming up which requires a bit more of a 'professional' look I can just wash it out. Perfect!

PS. LOL at the jumping picture, I'm too cool yeahh!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'll be yours to keep

outfit 6.1 outfit 6.2 outfit 6.3 outfit 6.4 outfit 6.5 outfit 6.6

Blazer:- Next @ Choice
Shirt:- H&M
Skirt:- New Look
Creepers:- Ebay
Brooch:- Gift
Earings:- Matalan

Hey my lovelies! Bit of a mish-mash of colours going on today! I really liked my brooch and hair together as they were pretty much the same colour. Though it does look like my purple dip-dye and pink blazer clash a little bit, haha! Would just like to quickly mention how much of a bargain this blazer was! During my lunchbreak at work we decided to pop down to Choice for a little mooch around and I spotted this boodiful blazer for £10 down from £32, I did in the end get it for £9 but I was soooo happy! I've been looking for a blazer to wear in the summer and the colour is just gorgeous and perfect!

Also tried to show you all my new earings, I got them from Matalan for about £4. Its a pearl front and the back is like a spike sort of thing (werid explaination soz!) but I really loved it! I also bought the cutest crocodile earings too which I'll try and photograph properly. I was rushing these pictures a little bit. I really loved this outfit but I reeeeeeally wanted to go out in the sunshinen (how AMAZING was the weather today, woaaah)

I did actually buy some new lipsticks today which I have swatched and photographed and was thinking about doing some sort of 'practice review' thing on here as I feel like I need to add something *extra* to my blog and I figured why not blog about my other favorite thing, lipsticks! Let me know whether this is something you guys would actually want to see and all that, or some other suggestions would be great!

Hope you're all enjoying the laaaaverly weather!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Now you do what they told ya

outfit 5.1 outfit 5.2 outfit 5.3 outfit 5.4 outfit 5.5 outfit 5.6

Dress:- H&M
Levi Jacket:- Vintage
Necklace:- ASOS
Ring:- Dorothy Perkins
Above knuckle rings:- Dixi
Creepers:- Ebay

Hey my lovelies! Too much dip-dye going on here today maybe? Probably didn't think this outfit through very well haha! I'm wearing my new dress from H&M which took nearly 5 weeks to arrive, it was out of stock EVERYWHERE and I just wanted it sooo bad! I do wish I had got the size 8 as I didn't realise how maa-hoosiveee it would be, I have never been able to understand H&M's sizings!

Also wanted to show you all my new (temporary) purple dip-dye hair, It has been washed since so the colour was a lot bright yesterday, I think it came out pretty well for a first attempt and I only managed to turn a little bit of my bathroom purple (fortunatly my dad hasn't discovered this yet). At first I was a bit like ohhhh jesus! what have I done to my hair but its really starting to grow on me. It is supposed to last between 3 to 30 washes which is a tad random but I'll see how I go, I'm already thinking about buying different colours! I used Fudge Paintbox semi permenant dye if anyone is interested.

Sorry about the weird lighting and strange hair, it really wouldn't do what I wanted it to do aghhh!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

You fit me better than my favorite sweater

outfit 4.1 outfit 4.2 outfit 4.3 outfit 4.4 outfit 4.5 outfit 4.6

Shirt:- Dixi
Skirt:- H&M
Creepers:- Ebay
Levi Jacket:- Vintage
Rings:- Dorothy Perkins & Dixi
Necklace:- ASOS

Hey my lovelies! Hope your having a lovely week! I've got a pretty busy weekend coming up. It my Zumbathon on Saturday which means 3 hours of non-stop Zumba, have a feeling I won't be able to walk the next morning! I've also got my aunt baby shower on Sunday, luckily I won't be a hungover wreck like I was at the last baby shower I went to. Smelly baby shower games and a hungover Rhiannon do not go together well! Ewww!

This is my new top I got from Dixi last week which I LOVE! It can be worn in so many different ways, dressed down for the weekends or dressed up for work. Really recommend Dixi, the clothes and jewellery are to die for! So pretty!

I have managed to successfully dip-dye my hair purple! I took these outfit pictures yesterday hence why I'm still all blonde here. I was going to try and upload a picture on this post but I cleared out my room instead! I will show you all soon though!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

All the bad boys are standin' in the shadows

outfit 3.1 outfit 3.2 outfit 3.3 outfit 3.4 outfit 3.5 outfit 3.6

Top:- Smut Clothing
Skirt:- Missguided
Wedge Sandals:- H&M
Rings:- Dorothy Perkins & Dixi
Cuff:- Pull & Bear

Hey my lovelies! The sun was out today so of course, being a proper English bird I got my legs out! Couldn't quite brave denim shorts or a short skirt then found this in my wardrobe (forgot I had it tbh!) As its sort of a transitional weather skirt I think, as its not too short and covers everything all up.

Also finally got my Smut top after lusting over it for ages after seeing Sara from Sara Luxe wearing the jumper version then it went down to £15 and snapped it up straight away, soooo glad I did! I love it, though my Grandad did keep mentioning the pope to me so then we spent the afternoon pretending to be Italian and telling people we were fluent. Oh the lols!

I should have lovely purple dip-dyed hair today, I bought some pastels off amazon, dyed my hair to get rid of my roots then started 'colouring in' my hair but the feel of it actually made me feel a little bit sick! The colour itself look pretty nice but I just couldn't stand my hair feeling so rank! I have bought a temporary hair dye so I'm hoping that will come this week and I can debut my new dip dyed hair asap! I get soooo bored of my hair so I'm thinking a temporary dip-dye will be a nice change with out being too permenant in case I hate it!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, how amazing is this weather?! Hello Mr.Sun :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Time-travelling diamond

outfit 2.1 outfit 2.2 outfit 2.3 outfit 2.4 outfit 2.5 outfit 2.6

Dress:- Yayer
Blazer:- H&M
Necklace:- ASOS
Shoes:- Office
Rings:- H&M
Hat:- Topshop
Belt:- Urban Outfitters

Hey m'lovlies and hello to the scandalously short dress here! I don't really know how I feel about these pictures, they don't do this boodiful dress justice as all! It is a couple of sizes too big for me but I just loved it so much and thought it would be fine to wear it oversized though now I'm thinking it makes me look a bit on the chubs side, opps. I thought it would look alright with my DMs and John Lennon sunglasses when the sun finally appears!

Also fell a tad in love with my necklace. I've had it in my 'saved for later' on ASOS for agessss now as I thought it was just too expensive then it went in the sale for £9.00 and just had to buy it. I can just see myself wearing it with so many different things.

I've had a bit of a major spend up this month already, finally caved and bought some creepers which I'm hoping will turn up soon. My H&M order has finally been dispatched after ordering it 3 WEEKS AGO! Aghhh, I swear H&M are getting worse (still havent actually recieved it yet).

Sorry about the moaning and hope you're all having a lovely week!

p.s another hat post to cover my terrible roots, ew again XD

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Like a puppet in the palm of my hand

outfit 1.1 outfit 1.2 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.4 outfit 1.5 outfit 1.6

Top:- ASOS
Shorts:- H&M
Shoes:- So You Shoes
Bag:- Peacocks
Lipstick:- MAC 'Lady Danger'

Hey my lovlies! This is my take on the 'sport luxe' thats all big right now. It's mearly only becasue my new shoes from So You Shoes look like brogues & trainers I love them! So cool. The colour is soooo gorgeous too and I've already got pleanty of outfit ideas in my head to wear around these.

I'm also loving my new snakeskin shorts from H&M can't wait to wear them on my holiday (just under 11 weeks ;) yeaaaah) with really tanned legs. I've been trying so hard to get my bikini body ready for the summer but I've recently found myself crazing sweets, chocolate and peanut butter. I do Zumba twice a week (which I loveeee and would highly recommend, doesn't even feel like exercise) and I did start going running with my dad and probably should start again, this weather just reaaaaly doesn't make it very appealing and all I want to do is crawl into bed eating peanut butter and watching Gossip Girl. Please someone send me some will power :|

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, I'm off out tonight to good ol' Basvegas yeaaaah! What are you guys up to?

p.s plzzz ignore my rediculously bad roots, ew