Friday, 5 August 2011

ELF make up and updater

Basically I haven't quite decided what sort of ideas I want to post on my blog yet but I thought I'd do a quick little update. Its going to be a bit of a brief post as I'm supposed to be getting ready for my nans 65th birthday meal at some posh restaurant.

I'm thinking I'll probably do some outfit posts, what I buy/like, pictures I like and what not.

I got some make up through from ELF today though it has taken a week to get to me which was a bit long in my opinion. 
I got 8 nail varnishes in Mint Cream, Teal Blue, Light Pink, Nude, Mango Madness, Passion Pink, Lilac and Champagne (which isn't photographed as my mum had stolled as I walked through the door), Theres 4 lipsticks in Seductive, Cool  Coral, Natural Nymph and Nicely Nude which are all gorgeous! An all over blusher and lipstick in Warm Peach, a thearaputic conditioning balm in Orange Creme and a blusher in Tickled Pink. I haven't actually tried any out yet but I'm hoping to tonight.

This is also what i wore today. Shirt is from New Look and trousers are from Peacocks. Might do a better outfit post tomorrow. (excuse the dodgy pose in the frist pic, wouldn't have thought that was the best in the bunch :)

This wasn't much of a breif post as I think I rambled a bit!

Rhiannon xoxo



  1. Really like your green shirt. Hope you like the ELF products, a week seems quite long as they normally deliver really quickly so that's a bit disappointing! Hope you had a lovely time for your nan's birthday xx

  2. welcome to the land of blogging :) x


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