Sunday, 29 April 2012

Call my bluff

outfit 6.1 outfit 6.2 outfit 6.3 outfit 6.4 outfit 6.5 outfit 6.6

Blazer:- Forever 21
Shirt:- New Look
Skirt:- New Look
Shoes:- Office
Bag:- Ebay
Earings:- Asos ( I think)
Necklace:- Topshop

Hey m'lovlies! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I've mainly eaten quite a bit of chocolate and drunk quite a bit of vodka, as you do! This is actually an outfit I wore to work on Thursday. I LOVE this blazer so much, polka dots are cooool!

I'm also trying to get used to wearing my fringe down, I've been growing itout from having a full fringe for about a year now and it feels like its taken forever! Any tips for making your hair grow fast would be much appreciated, I miss my long hair so much!

I've finally been paid and I've already spent a fair amount of money! Bought some new MAC lipsticks I'm so excited to get and a few bits off ebay! I had a whole big list of things that I wanted to buy as soon as I got paid but most of that is either out of stock or I've changed my mind entirely and decided I don't even want it anymore! So now I have nothing to buy...always the way!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I know you well enough

outfit 4.1 outfit 4.3 outfit 4.4 outfit 4.5 outfit 4.6 outfit 4.2

Dress:- Topshop
Jacket:- H&M
Bag:- Zatchel via Urban Outfitters
Shoes:- H&M
Hat:- Topshop
Jewellery:- Topshop & H&M

Hey there m'lovelies! Yes, its that dress! I caved and bought the Topshop dress almost everyone owns! I just couldn't resist, its just a lovely length and can be dressed up and down. I do wish I had got it in the smaller size though as I find for topshop its verrry generous but I'm guessing that its supposed to be that sort of slouchy style but it's just that little bit too big!

I'm counting down the days until payday this month, I'm so unbelievably skint! I have finally paid for my holiday now though, can not wait to go somewhere hot and just relax! This english weather is just so depressing! I've even resorting to fake tanning to make me feel better from longing for the sun and a tan. I was even going to post a wishlist today but just couldn't face it, my 'list-of-things-to-buy' is getting longer and longer I should probably stop looking on clothes websites. My lunch break at work is my downfall! 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Keep me on my toes

outfit 5.1 outfit 5.2 outfit 5.3 outfit 5.4 outfit 5.5 outfit 5.6

Shirt:- Boohoo
Shorts:- Levi - Ebay
Hat:- Asos
Bag:- Ebay
Boots:- DMs

Hey m'lovelies! Wanted to show you all my new Levi shorts I got from ebay the other day, I bought some a while ago but they are far too big now so I figured I should probably get some new ones. I'll link the ebay seller above in case any of you are interested. These were £14.99 which I thought was pretty good, I'll definitely be purchasing some more for the summer! I'm also thinking about buying some more DM's in a different colour maybe in a dark red or green or something as much as I love my trusty black ones. I think the coloured ones will be nice for the warmer weather.

Also wanted to show you all my amazing shirt, I LOVE paisley print and got this on Boohoo agessss ago. I think I have worn it on here already but it was under a jumper so you couldn't really see the pattern. Oh an I've got a new hat! I really wanted one for my holiday but didn't really want a trilby hat so went for a straw bowler hat instead, just to be a little different.

Hope you're all have a lovely weekend so far!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

This could be anywhere in the world

outfit 3.1 outfit 3.2 outfit 3.3 outfit 3.4 outfit 3.5 outfit 3.6

Shirt, Jumper, Leather shorts, Necklace & Rings:- All H&M
Denim Jacket:- Levi
Bag:- Ebay
Brogues:- Russell & Bromley

Hello my lovelies! Hope you're having a good week so far, I'm unbelievably knackered already and its only Tuesday, aghhh! This is actually what I wore on Sunday for my nans birthday meal but didn't get around to posting it!

The rings, jumper and shirt are my new buys from the weekend even though I don't actually have enough money at the moment! I really loved the colour of the jumper and thought it would look pretty cute under my denim jacket. I saw the shirt on the H&M website a while back and don't quite know why I liked it so much, its a proper metalic silver colour and I thought it would maybe look a tad much on its own so figured I'd stick it under a jumper as it was freezing over the weekend!

Also as if my little necklace isn't the cutest! My brother bought it for my birthday a while back and I completely forgot I had it! All I need now is a cute little cat necklace and I'll be sorted! ;)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bite my tongue

outfit 2.1 outfit 2.2 outfit 2.3 outfit 2.4 outfit 2.5 outfit 2.6

Dress:- In Love with Fashion
Leggings:- H&M
Levi Denim Jacket:- Vintage
Hat:- Topshop
Boots:- DM's
Bag:- Ebay

Hey my lovlies! I know, I know, I'm slacking on the whole blogging side, I even took these photos on sunday! I got this dress a while ago but didn't reallly know what to wear it with as it soooo short! I decided I'd most probably have to wear it with leggings, these ones are from H&M and I thought they were a pretty good match for the AA Disco pants that everyone in the world has nearly but I just can't bring myself to pay all of that money for something I might not wear that much (I'm not a huge legging wearer) annnyway, I LOVED the colour of this dress and really wanted to wear it on holiday but I'm gonna need to figure something out so that my whole bum isn't hanging out!

Oh and obviously had to wear my pretty hat again ;)

p.s plz ignore my dodgy faces and the pile of shoes next to me!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It's hard to compromise when I see through your eyes

outfit 1.1 outfit 1.2 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.4 outfit 1.5 outfit 1.6

Dress:- Primark
Boucle Jacket:- H&M
Necklaces:- Mummas
Wedges:- H&M
Hat:- Topshop

Hey my lovelies! Sorry about the lack of blogage going on(again)! Haven't really been very happy with my outfits and didn't really want to post them! I did however just want to show off pretty dress from Primarni for a measly £5! It was in the sale but I was so chuffed as it is perfect for work in the summer and winter and all the seasons in between!

Also wanted to show off my new purddy hat! I saw the black on the topshop website and very nearly bought it but then it went out of stock. Then this one popped up and I fell a little but in love, I LOVE the colour and style and pretty much want to wear it with every outfit ;)

Hope you're week is going well, I've finished work the for easter, got a couple of days off to see some friends and do some sleeping!  

PS. THANK YOU to my new followers, can't believe I've reached 200 followers, I'm so so happy! Means so much that you all enjoy my blog! Big cyber hugs to you all <3