Wednesday, 28 March 2012

We're causing mayhem

outfit 7.1 outfit 7.2 outfit 7.3 outfit 7.4 outfit 7.5 outfit 7.6

Shirt:- Forever 21
Blazer:- H&M
Skirt:- Missguided
Bag:- Asos
Shoes:- Office

Hey my lovelies! Wasn't actually going to do a post today as I just felt like a bit of a mess but I got my new skirt from Missguided through in the mail and wanted to show it off! I was going to do a photo of the skirt so you could see it better but my camera ran out of battery, agh! I did manage to get a few pictures so it was all good!

I thought the skirt would look really lovely in the summer for a night out with nicely tanned legs and something sparkley but this is a 'if I was going to wear this to work' sort of a look. To be honest I probably wouldn't wear this to work as it is a tad short! Definitley perfect for a night out though! The skirt is a snake print which I may have become a tad obssessed with as I bought snakeskin shorts from h&m today (hay payday!) which look sooo better then they sound I  promise!

I'm also looking to investing in some fake tan, this whole working fall time shindig I've got going on is doing nothing for my pale skin so I'm resorting to fake tanning as I'm missing the glorious weather! Bring on my summer holz! If you have any recommendations I'd be most appreciative as I'm so nervous about being 'tangoed' as they say!

Hope you're all have a lovely week so far!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Catch the sun as it falls

outfit 6.3

outfit 6.4
outfit 6.5
outfit 6.1
outfit 6.6
outfit 6.2

Shirt:- Primark
Skirt:- New Look
Belt:- ASOS
Rings:- Llymlrs & Mummas
Necklaces:- Mummas
Denim Jacket:- Vintage Levi from Ebay
Glasses:- Asos
Nails:- No.7 'Stand back'

Hey my lovlies! Woah thats an awful lot of stuff I've listed today! Thought I'd do a little bit different to my hair as well today, this is actually a bow tie from a shirt I bought from Asos a while back and thought I'd wear in my hair to change it up a little bit! I quite like it, I think it will be pretty nice in the summer and stuff. Also rocking my new sunglasses, didn't actually wear them out the house as I'm still a bit 'its hot but its still March' and I don't want to look like a bit of a loser haha!

Yesterday I was helping my mumma go through her wardrobe ready for some new summer clothes and came across her jewellery box so I thought I'd show you a few bits and pieces I stole which is the little pearl necklace and the cross necklace, I thought they looked really vintagey and they were free (hell yeah, free jewellery).

I desperately want to do something different to my hair, I'm waiting for it to grow as I was silly and cut it all off last year. Its seems to be taking forever though, I was going to do some sort of temporary dip dye to see if I liked it or not as knowing me I'll hate it! Have you guys done anything different to your hair lately?

Hope you're all enjoying the gorgeoussss weather! COME ON SUMMER :D

Friday, 23 March 2012

Don't let go this could be so perfect

outfit 5.1 outfit 5.2 outfit 5.3 outfit 5.4 outfit 5.5 outfit 5.6

Dress:- In Love With Fashion
Boucle Jacket:- H&M
Bag:- Faith
Necklace:- Urban Outfitters
Rings:- Llymlrs and Ever Ours
Shoes:- Office

Hey my lovelies! Wearing an incredibly pink outfit today! I'm in a bit of a girly mood this week, I've just painted my nails another shade of pink too! I had been looking for a boucle jacket for ages and saw this one in H&M for about £30 which I thought was quite good, there was a blue one too but I liked the pink better. I really did want a short suit in boucle but can't find one anywhere. If you've seen any pleaaaase let me know, It's payday this week and I need one in my life!

Sorry for the breif post, hope you've all had a lovely week, mines gone sooo quick!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

You don't ask for no diamond rings

outfit 4.1 outfit 4.2a outfit 4.3 outfit 4.4 outfit 4.5 outfit 4.6

Shirt:- Pull & Bear
Trousers:- H&M
Blazer:- H&M
Bag:- Ebay
Rings:- Llymlrs & Ever Ours
Brogues:- Russell & Bromley
Necklace:- Primark

Hey my lovelies! Better late then never is all I'm going to say ;) And I'm even wearing trousers *gasp* I saw these trousers on the H&M website and was umming and ahhing about getting them and I just caved in the end. Anything with a little bit of flowers on and I'm drawn to it. The design is really cute but reminds me of a grannys curtans. Though I still love them. I never ever wear trousers but I'm hoping to ease myself in. I always find that they are so uncomfortable on the body and would rather wear high waisted shorts, skirts and dresses. I was going for a bit of an Olivia Palermo-esque look here. As I quite frankly love what she wears and wish I looked like her XD

My lovely new bag from ebay also came today, it did take a little to arrive then I thought but I'll let it go because I LOVE it, such a pretty colour and goes perfectly with the bluey colour on my trousers. Not that I'm much of a colour co-ordinator but still! You should all check out Victoria's blog as she looks amazing, wears awesome clothes and is an ebay queen!

Also want to say a huge thank you and hello to my new followers! <3

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Downtown singing the blues

outfit 3.6 outfit 3.5 outfit 3.4 outfit 3.3 outfit 3.2 outfit 3.1
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: In Love With Fashion
Necklace: Primark
Rings: Ever Ours
Shoes: Office
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Lips: MAC 'Impassioned'

Hey my lovlies! Sorry another delay between posting! I was gonna do this yesterday but I was hanging quite terribly and had a baby shower to go to! (I do not advise going to a baby shower with a hangover as the games are pretty gross XD)

Anyway, I actually wore this outfit earlier on this week. I love the skirt! It such a pretty colour and I can just see myself wearing this in the summer on holiday! I'm in desperate need for a tan and I haven't quite braved fake tan yet as I just get waaaay to nervous about getting streaks and being orange. I have been using a gradual tanner but it hasn't really done much yet!

I bought about 3 pairs of heels this week in preperation for visting my friend at her uni, not that I really think I need 3! I don't know what made me buy them all but hey! You can never have too many pairs of shoes right?

Hope your week has been lovely and I promise my posting will get better! <3  

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I wanna hold your heart in both hands

outfit 2.7 outfit 2.6 outfit 2.5 outfit 2.4 outfit 2.3 outfit 2.1

Top:- ASOS
Shorts:- Topshop
Bag:- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes:- H&M
Sunglasses:- H&M
Cuff:- Pull & Bear

Hey my lovelies! After seeing these pictures I think my outfit looks waaaay better in real life! Looks a bit funny on camera. I saw this top a while ago and fell in love with it then it went into the ASOS sale and just caved and bought it. Its a bit bigger then I expected and I sort of wish I got the smaller size (I'm a bit of a werid one when it comes to sizes and always by the ones that are too big for me :| )

Also wanted to show you all my new heels that I bought. Thank you all for your advice, a lot of you said New Look is the place to buy heels but then I saw these on H&M the other day and thought they looked amazing, they're a platform wedge so they're so easy to walk in and they are pretty lovely. Thought they alomst nearly matched my bag too. I didnt actually wear the heels today but I thought I'd stick them on just for the lols and I just love walking around in them! They make me feel so tall!

Didn't actually wear my John Lennon glasses either today as it was terrible weather but I just think they look so cute! So you might be seeing these a lot on here as I can't stop wearing them. Seriously.

Also wanted to add I've started my tumblr again, I keep going through phases and using is loadddds then not so much. So if you want leave me your links in the comments below and I'll check yours out! And you can find mine here you can also ask me any questions in the ask bit :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

We're not enemies; we just disagree

outfit 1.6 outfit 1.5 outfit 1.4 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.2 outfit 1.1

Shirt:- Ever Ours
Skirt:- H&M
Bag:- ASOS
Tights:- ASOs
Boots:- New Look
Cuff:- Pull & Bear
Lips:- Soap & Glory 'red my lips'

Hey my lovelies! Was supposed to post this yesterday but I went for dinner and a film with my mum and thought it was a bit late to blog when I got back in so I had to postpone until today! I'm wearing my gorgeous new shirt from Ever Ours, I love it, the detailing is so gorgeous. I've only recently discovered Ever Ours but I definitely recomend, the jewellery on there is so pretty and I'll definitely be making my next purchase very soon!

Also thought I'd try out my purrty new cat bag from ASOS that I got for my birthday, isn't it just the cutest!

Hope your all having a lovely week, I'm definitely looking forward to a lay in this weekend!