Friday, 22 June 2012

It's peaceful in the deep

outfit 1.1 outfit 1.2 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.4 outfit 1.5 outfit 1.6

Shirt:- Boohoo
Shorts:- Vintage shop in Camden
Jacket:- Vintage via ebay
Creepers:- Ebay
Rings:- Ebay, Dixi, Dorothy Perkins and H&M
Neckalce:- Asos

Hey my lovelies! Sorry I've been completely neglecting my blog recently, haven't really had much time to post and haven't really felt like I've had anything interesting to say (not that I really have now either XD) I don't actually have any money either, its rather depressing as all I really want to do is buy loads of new summer clothes in the sales, but I can't. Its a week until payday though, I'm hoping all the good stuff will still be in stock!

I finnaly got some coloured levi shorts last weekend though which I probably shouldn't have done but the complusive shopper in me couldn't resist. I love them though and they'll be perfect for my holiday. Theres so many things I've see that I want to buy for my holiday but I know as soon as I get paid I won't be able to find them at all!

Also loving my new jacket from ebay, I think I've pretty much worn it everyday since I got it. It's just so comfy, I really wanted to get a new jacket to wear with my denim shorts (don't think I can do the whole double denim thing and get away with it!) and thought this jacket was perfect!

Hope you've all had a nice week and are looking forward to the weekend! 

Oh and please excuse my hair, only just realised how bad it actually looks haha!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Set sail towards the sun

outfit 8.1 outfit 8.2 outfit 8.3 outfit 8.4 outfit 8.5 outfit 8.6

Dress:- Urban Outfitters
Creepers:- Ebay
Socks:- Topshop
Rings:- Dorothy Perkins & Dixi (actually lost two of these now in a drunken state, opps)

Hey my lovelies! Sorry about the delay in posting hope you all had a lovely week and a bit! Also want to say a huge thank you and hello to my new followers! <3

Bought this dress on a trip to westfield with the mumma, I was trying to buy holiday clothes (which is going terribly) and thought this was flowery and floaty and would be fine to wear in Djerba? Really do love this dress though, it's sort of a black mesh see-through material (think its mesh, not sure!) at the back and button up at the front.

I haven't quite braved the whole flip flop wearing thing yet, spent the whole of the warm weather we had the other week in frilly socks and creepers. Genuinley can't stand having my feet out! I'm still need to find new bikinis too, at the moment I have two, which probably won't last a weeks holiday (well too particular when it comes to buying them) I'm getting the feeling I'm more of a winter/spring/autumn dresser, like my tights and jackets too much haha! Hopefully on my june payday I'll be in a bit more of a summer shopper mood and will actually want to buy summer clothes rather then my obssession with buying creepers!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!