Sunday, 26 February 2012

You're playing those hearts like toys

outfit 8.6
outfit 8.5
outfit 8.7 outfit 8.4 outfit 8.3 
outfit 8.1

Dress:- Next
Jacket:- H&M
Bag:- Faith
Rings:- Llymlrs
Bracelet:- Pull & Bear
Boots:- New Look
Lips:- Soap & Glory 'Red my lips'

Hey my lovelies, sorry about the delay in this post. I'm quite liking this outfit I think, I got this dress forever ago for my cousins wedding and forgot I had it until my mum reminded me the other day. My jacket is a new buy from H&M I really loved the colour of it and I was thinking about buying some studs from ebay and putting them on to toughen it up a bit.

I've desperatley been trying to find some nice heels to buy as I'm visiting my friend at her uni in a few weeks, I'm not a huge heel wearer. I think I like the idea of wearing heels more then I actually like wearing them. Any suggestions on where to look and what types will be sufficent for clubbing two nights in a row will be much appreciated! ;)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pinkie Girl

outfit 7.6 outfit 7.5 outfit 7.4 outfit 7.3 outfit 7.2 outfit 7.1

Jumper:- Romwe
Shirt:- Romwe
Skirt:- H&M
Bag:- Urban Outfitters
Chain Brooch:- Romwe (came with shirt)
Necklace:- Primark
Shoes:- Russell & Bromley
Lips:- Soap & Glory 'Perfect Day'

Hey my lovelies! Woah, just realised how much I've listed in this post! I quite like this outfit I wore today, the jumper and shirt are new purchases from Romwe and I think its safe to say I love them! The jumper is the most gorgeous colour and got quite a few compliments today and I was looking for the perfect white shirt and this one defo fits the bill and came with a gorgeous little brooch which I'm probably gonna wear with every outfit I can now! The jumper is just so big and cosy, would've been perfect for the snowy weather we had (I'm secretly hoping it gets a little bit colder for just a little while so I can wear it more). Though my dad has been constantly calling me 'pinkie girl' all day, hint the very unimaginative title ;)

The bag is what I got for my birthday from my parents, it sooo cute, it a little cat face (mad cat lady) and wanted to show you all because I love it :)

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

ps, please ignore the one picture that won't go in line with the others :|

Sunday, 19 February 2012

And now all your love is wasted

outfit 6.5
outfit 6.6outfit 6.1outfit 6.2
outfit 6.4
outfit 6.3

Dress (worn under jumper):- 18 and East
Jumper:- H&M
Necklace:- Primark
Bag:- Mulberry
Boots:- New Look
Lips:- MAC 'Chilli'

Hey my lovlies! Pleaseee try to ignore my redicuously bad roots you can see in these pictures, not getting my hair dyed until next weekend so I've got to look like a tramp with dodgy hair until then! My hairs been doing its own thing for the past few days, hasn't really done what I've wanted it to do. Though I did buy one of those hair volume powder things and used it today to test it out and thought it was pretty amazing to be honest! Didn't really know what to expect from it!

I got this dress from 18 and East this week, I'd seen it on the website but they didn't have my size then saw it on Asos Marketplace in my size (!!) and thought it was fate and had to buy it. So glad I did its so lovely. I'll do a proper post on it maybe when it gets a bit warmer as the back is all sort of cut out in strips (looks better then what I described it I promise!) I thought it would be perfect for summer and my holiday which was booked yesterday! YAY, which means that I can start to buy summer clothes now, right? Even though I'm still in winter mode and keep buying jackets and hats and what nots!

Anyway, hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I've spent this morning at my nans watching my 3 year old cousin play hide and seek wit my 15 year old brother, was veryyy amusing to say the least! ;)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Purple Haze

outfit 5.6
outfit 5.5
outfit 5.4
outfit 5.3
outfit 5.2
outfit 5.1

Knit:- Zara
Shirt:- Primark
Leather shorts:- H&M
Bag:- Mulberry
Boots:- New Look
Necklace:- Primark
Lips: Soap & Glory 'Red my lips'

Hey my lovelies! Woah, another post up, I'm getting better! Wacked out my leather shorts today, not sure why I don't wear these more often as I love them and they're so comfy! The Mulbz came out as well today so I thought I'd do some photos with it so you can all see its gorgeous-ness. I got it last year from my parents for my 18th, some people I know thought it was 'too much to spend on a bag' and all that stuff, but it's my baby and I'm so unbeliveably happy I got it! Also thought it went pretty lovely with my snakeskin shirt and lovely Soap & Glory lipstick!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You like your girls insane

outfit 4.6
outfit 4.5
outfit 4.4
outfit 4.3
outfit 4.2
outfit 4.1

Jumper:- H&M
Shirt:- Forever 21
Boots:- New look
Lips:- MAC 'Impassioned'

Hey my lovelies! So sorry about the delay of this post, a whole week without posting! Opps. Would love to say I've been incredibly busy, but I havent just haven't got around to posting! Just going to say a huge thank you to you all for the birthday wishes, I had a lovely day!

These are a few purchases I bought on my birthday, I've been wanting this jumper for sooooo long now, I've got a bit of a thing for metalic things at the mo! It was only £9.99 from H&M and its gold and shiney. Also got a bit of a thing for these types of skirts and dresses right now, I really quite like them. I bought this and a really light pink dress from ASOS the other day (can't wear the dress yet though as it keeps getting all static and annoying :|).

Really quick little post, but I've got the rest of the week off now so I'm going to be getting back into the gist of things and be posting a bit more often. Now I'm going to catch up on all of your blog posts, sorry again for being a tad awhol (spelling?!) for the week :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Birthday girl

Dress: Love
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Fringed socks: Urban Outfitters
Brogues: Russell & Bromely
Tights: Primark
Lips: MAC 'Chili'

Hey my lovelies! A quick little post today as I wanted to show you what I wore yesterday for my birthday. I went up to Westfield Stratford with my mum to spend some money. Had such a lovely and bought loads of gorgeous clothes! We went to Las Iguanas for lunch and had a couple of cocktails which were delish! Had my first Pinkberry frozen yoghurt too which I loved and was virtually fat free (even though I did have chocolate and cheesecake bits on mine, opps).

This is dress is one that I got for my birthday from my mum which I love! Its such a pretty colour. I'm getting really into the whole pastel trent thats going around. Got some such gorgeous presents which I'm sure will make there way onto here (including the cutest bag with tiny little cats on! love it!). And how cute are my socks, I've had my eye on these for so long and got them for my birthday! Thought they'd look quite nice in the summer with some denim shorts :)

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far, its going so quickly!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

To the basement people, to the basement

Shirt: Missguided
Skirt: Missguided
Boots: New Look
Bag: Ebay (thank you vipxo!)
Lips: MAC 'Chilli'
Earings: Primark

Hey my lovlies! Wow, I wear this lipstick an awful lot don't I?! Haha, keep thinking I should alternate between all my lipsticks but I just love this one far too much! Also want to point out my AMAZING new bag, its a copy of Vivienne Westwood which I've wanted for ages now but its just too damn expensive and I was flicking through Victoria's tumblr and saw this and literally HAD to have it, it came a few days later and I've been using it ever since. She is a genius and wears gorgeous clothes!

My whole outfit today it also new purchases of the week from Missguided, which I would highly recommend taking a look at as there is some gorgeous pieces on there right now! Just want to buy it all. The top is the most loveliest mint green and considering pastels are one of my favourite types of colours I didn't actually own a mint green shirt! The collar has really cute little love hearts on which I thought was just pretty adorable and it was only about £14.99. Would've been rude to say no really ;)

Feel like all I've been talking about on my blog for the past few days is the weather. Probably because I have to listen to my dad all day cursing about the dreaded snow. I do like snow though, I mean it looks pretty and all that, its just the ice that comes after that I hate. The thought of falling over and humiliating myself just doesn't sound too appealing. And I am always that person, the one that falls over! Wow, sorry about the little rant there, opps!

Anyway, hope you're all having a lovely weekend ;)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Loveheart Bow-tie

Shirt & Bowtie:- ASOS
Skirt:- H&M
Boots:- New Look
Lips:- MAC 'Chilli'

Hey my lovlies! How cold has it been today?! Holy moly, been freezing all day today. Need to invest in some more thermal tights or clothes or something! The tights I'm wearing here are thermal and sooo thick but I'm starting to really dislike them. They're far too big for me so I don't really know why I wear them XD

Also wearing my new boots from new look, not that you can actually really see them. I'll do a better post on them at the weekend I think. I bought them as they were almost exactly the same as the Topshop Ambush boot that I've wanted for ages but just can't force myself to pay that much for them. So I found these on the New Look website for only £19.99 and bought them immediatly! They're quite comfy and are pretty lovely!