Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Darling you're with me, always around me

outfit 2.6 outfit 2.5 outfit 2.4 outfit 2.3
outfit 2.2 outfit 2.1

Shirt: Rokit
Skirt: Missguided
Creepers: EBay
Socks: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Bag: Mulberry
Bracelets: mixture of eBay and Tunisian

Hey my lovelies! Just want to say a quick thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, it really means alot! I wasn't going to do an outfit post today but I've just got home from Zumba and thought why not! I did take this today and wore it today so I probably should post it today! I bought this shirt on a trip to Camden and its safe to say its one of my faves! The pattern is just so cute and flowery, I think it looks nice when I try and toughen it up a bit with my creepers and spike necklace.

I got back from my holiday in Tunisia a few weeks ago and being very fair skinned I don't tan brilliantly anyway but I just feel like m tan has fallen off already, I haven't even worn a pair of tights since I've been home in the hopes i'll catch the sun if and when it ever comes out. Might have to be a proper Essex girl an fake tan, whaaaat?! :')

Also how cute is my little bubbah cat!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Back again

outfit 1.5outfit 1.4outfit 1.3outfit 1.2outfit 1.1outfit 1.6

Vest:- New Look
Shorts:- Zara
Necklaces:- Topshop & Asos
Bracelets:- mixture of Tunisian & Ebay
Creepers:- Ebay
Socks:- Topshop

Hey my lovelies! Oh what a terrible terrible terrible blogger I've been! I've had a weird couple of months if I'm honest, I've felt pretty distant from everything blog related and probably a bit more self concious in myself. I think it was probably just some sort of insecure faze I was going through. I also went on holiday, which I think really helped, I was able to get away from things and problems I was having. So all in all I think I feel much more positive about myself and my blog now, so I'm baaaaaack!

Bascially, this is a boring little outfit I wore today as it was pretty darn hot out today! I couldn't really be bothered to dress up or anything so I stuck on my FAVE shorts of the moment, some big sungasses and my creepers and unleashed my inner Olsen!

Although I actually don't really like my hair in these picture, I'm thinking about doing something different to it. (I understand that I say this ALL the time, I just get very bored) My fringe is at that awkward *I'm not going to look like what you want me to look like* faze and I don't really know what to do about it!

Hope you're all swell and are looking forward to some new bloggie posts *YEAH*

Friday, 22 June 2012

It's peaceful in the deep

outfit 1.1 outfit 1.2 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.4 outfit 1.5 outfit 1.6

Shirt:- Boohoo
Shorts:- Vintage shop in Camden
Jacket:- Vintage via ebay
Creepers:- Ebay
Rings:- Ebay, Dixi, Dorothy Perkins and H&M
Neckalce:- Asos

Hey my lovelies! Sorry I've been completely neglecting my blog recently, haven't really had much time to post and haven't really felt like I've had anything interesting to say (not that I really have now either XD) I don't actually have any money either, its rather depressing as all I really want to do is buy loads of new summer clothes in the sales, but I can't. Its a week until payday though, I'm hoping all the good stuff will still be in stock!

I finnaly got some coloured levi shorts last weekend though which I probably shouldn't have done but the complusive shopper in me couldn't resist. I love them though and they'll be perfect for my holiday. Theres so many things I've see that I want to buy for my holiday but I know as soon as I get paid I won't be able to find them at all!

Also loving my new jacket from ebay, I think I've pretty much worn it everyday since I got it. It's just so comfy, I really wanted to get a new jacket to wear with my denim shorts (don't think I can do the whole double denim thing and get away with it!) and thought this jacket was perfect!

Hope you've all had a nice week and are looking forward to the weekend! 

Oh and please excuse my hair, only just realised how bad it actually looks haha!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Set sail towards the sun

outfit 8.1 outfit 8.2 outfit 8.3 outfit 8.4 outfit 8.5 outfit 8.6

Dress:- Urban Outfitters
Creepers:- Ebay
Socks:- Topshop
Rings:- Dorothy Perkins & Dixi (actually lost two of these now in a drunken state, opps)

Hey my lovelies! Sorry about the delay in posting hope you all had a lovely week and a bit! Also want to say a huge thank you and hello to my new followers! <3

Bought this dress on a trip to westfield with the mumma, I was trying to buy holiday clothes (which is going terribly) and thought this was flowery and floaty and would be fine to wear in Djerba? Really do love this dress though, it's sort of a black mesh see-through material (think its mesh, not sure!) at the back and button up at the front.

I haven't quite braved the whole flip flop wearing thing yet, spent the whole of the warm weather we had the other week in frilly socks and creepers. Genuinley can't stand having my feet out! I'm still need to find new bikinis too, at the moment I have two, which probably won't last a weeks holiday (well too particular when it comes to buying them) I'm getting the feeling I'm more of a winter/spring/autumn dresser, like my tights and jackets too much haha! Hopefully on my june payday I'll be in a bit more of a summer shopper mood and will actually want to buy summer clothes rather then my obssession with buying creepers!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Monday, 28 May 2012

This is from our hearts

outfit 7.1 outfit 7.2 outfit 7.3 outfit 7.4 outfit 7.6

Shirt:- Matalan
Shorts:- H&M
Creepers:- Ebay
Glasses:- H&M

Hey my lovelies! Sorry about the delay between posting this week. Was going to post this on saturday but I'd been at work all week and quite frankly wanted to enjoy the sun (got a tad sunburnt..doh). This is what I wore saturday morning before I decided that I probably wouldn't get much of a tan in this. I reeeeally love this shirt and it was only £16! I didn't realise it had the cut out shoulders as I bought it online and obviosuly just saw the print and didn't even realise. I do quite like it though, looks a bit different!

I also re-did my dip-dye as I looooved it, Its nice and different and if I have something coming up which requires a bit more of a 'professional' look I can just wash it out. Perfect!

PS. LOL at the jumping picture, I'm too cool yeahh!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'll be yours to keep

outfit 6.1 outfit 6.2 outfit 6.3 outfit 6.4 outfit 6.5 outfit 6.6

Blazer:- Next @ Choice
Shirt:- H&M
Skirt:- New Look
Creepers:- Ebay
Brooch:- Gift
Earings:- Matalan

Hey my lovelies! Bit of a mish-mash of colours going on today! I really liked my brooch and hair together as they were pretty much the same colour. Though it does look like my purple dip-dye and pink blazer clash a little bit, haha! Would just like to quickly mention how much of a bargain this blazer was! During my lunchbreak at work we decided to pop down to Choice for a little mooch around and I spotted this boodiful blazer for £10 down from £32, I did in the end get it for £9 but I was soooo happy! I've been looking for a blazer to wear in the summer and the colour is just gorgeous and perfect!

Also tried to show you all my new earings, I got them from Matalan for about £4. Its a pearl front and the back is like a spike sort of thing (werid explaination soz!) but I really loved it! I also bought the cutest crocodile earings too which I'll try and photograph properly. I was rushing these pictures a little bit. I really loved this outfit but I reeeeeeally wanted to go out in the sunshinen (how AMAZING was the weather today, woaaah)

I did actually buy some new lipsticks today which I have swatched and photographed and was thinking about doing some sort of 'practice review' thing on here as I feel like I need to add something *extra* to my blog and I figured why not blog about my other favorite thing, lipsticks! Let me know whether this is something you guys would actually want to see and all that, or some other suggestions would be great!

Hope you're all enjoying the laaaaverly weather!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Now you do what they told ya

outfit 5.1 outfit 5.2 outfit 5.3 outfit 5.4 outfit 5.5 outfit 5.6

Dress:- H&M
Levi Jacket:- Vintage
Necklace:- ASOS
Ring:- Dorothy Perkins
Above knuckle rings:- Dixi
Creepers:- Ebay

Hey my lovelies! Too much dip-dye going on here today maybe? Probably didn't think this outfit through very well haha! I'm wearing my new dress from H&M which took nearly 5 weeks to arrive, it was out of stock EVERYWHERE and I just wanted it sooo bad! I do wish I had got the size 8 as I didn't realise how maa-hoosiveee it would be, I have never been able to understand H&M's sizings!

Also wanted to show you all my new (temporary) purple dip-dye hair, It has been washed since so the colour was a lot bright yesterday, I think it came out pretty well for a first attempt and I only managed to turn a little bit of my bathroom purple (fortunatly my dad hasn't discovered this yet). At first I was a bit like ohhhh jesus! what have I done to my hair but its really starting to grow on me. It is supposed to last between 3 to 30 washes which is a tad random but I'll see how I go, I'm already thinking about buying different colours! I used Fudge Paintbox semi permenant dye if anyone is interested.

Sorry about the weird lighting and strange hair, it really wouldn't do what I wanted it to do aghhh!