Saturday, 5 May 2012

Like a puppet in the palm of my hand

outfit 1.1 outfit 1.2 outfit 1.3 outfit 1.4 outfit 1.5 outfit 1.6

Top:- ASOS
Shorts:- H&M
Shoes:- So You Shoes
Bag:- Peacocks
Lipstick:- MAC 'Lady Danger'

Hey my lovlies! This is my take on the 'sport luxe' thats all big right now. It's mearly only becasue my new shoes from So You Shoes look like brogues & trainers I love them! So cool. The colour is soooo gorgeous too and I've already got pleanty of outfit ideas in my head to wear around these.

I'm also loving my new snakeskin shorts from H&M can't wait to wear them on my holiday (just under 11 weeks ;) yeaaaah) with really tanned legs. I've been trying so hard to get my bikini body ready for the summer but I've recently found myself crazing sweets, chocolate and peanut butter. I do Zumba twice a week (which I loveeee and would highly recommend, doesn't even feel like exercise) and I did start going running with my dad and probably should start again, this weather just reaaaaly doesn't make it very appealing and all I want to do is crawl into bed eating peanut butter and watching Gossip Girl. Please someone send me some will power :|

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, I'm off out tonight to good ol' Basvegas yeaaaah! What are you guys up to?

p.s plzzz ignore my rediculously bad roots, ew


  1. them shorts look amazing! I'd never of thought how great they would look, but you definitely pull them off :) xx

  2. beautiful outfit :D you look awsome ♥

  3. So pretty, have a lovely weekend darling

    Eda ♥

  4. LOVE it and your shoes <3

  5. Love the outfit, I really want to tackle the whole sports luxe thing, not sure where to start though!

    joanne from

  6. You look lovely! I don't think the sports luxe trend is for me, I can just imagine myself looking like Vicky Pollard! You've tackled it so well though! Your shoes are so cute! I'm tempted to start Zumba, but I have NO rhythm. Does that matter? haha xx

    1. Awh thank you! Thats what I thought I'd look like at first too haha! It doesn't matter at all, to be fair I'm forever getting the steps wrong but theres only really older ladies in my class so they can't judge haha! You should defo try it out though, its so much fun! xx

  7. LOVE this look! The brogues are such a gorgeous colour! I totally feel your pain, the weather makes it hard though! I'd much rather sit and watch movies drinking tea and eating cake...and worry about my ever expanding waist later!


  8. Arghhh can't wait for holidays either! Hope the bloody weather brightens up though! Love your outfit those shoes are so quirky and cute :) love them with the top!


  9. Love the snakeskin shorts gorgeous!
    Cara x

  10. Your hair is so lush!

  11. That top needs to be in my wardrobe! haha thats yet another thing to go into my saved items on asos ;)
    I love your lipstick, it suits you so well!

    harriet juliana x

  12. those shoes are blummin' beautiful! that lipstick really really suits you :) x

  13. Those shoes are amazing!! And love your lipstick too! you always manage to look so stunning in all your pictures! xx

  14. wow - amazing colour lips here x

  15. Those shoes are awesome! :) they look so comfy as well.
    Lovely outfit :) x

  16. Love love love your whole outfit, so unique and pretty! Your shoes are amazing by the way :)

    Great blog, you now have a new dedicated follower :). Would love if you could check out my blog sometime and maybe follow back. Much appreciated.


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