Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'll be yours to keep

outfit 6.1 outfit 6.2 outfit 6.3 outfit 6.4 outfit 6.5 outfit 6.6

Blazer:- Next @ Choice
Shirt:- H&M
Skirt:- New Look
Creepers:- Ebay
Brooch:- Gift
Earings:- Matalan

Hey my lovelies! Bit of a mish-mash of colours going on today! I really liked my brooch and hair together as they were pretty much the same colour. Though it does look like my purple dip-dye and pink blazer clash a little bit, haha! Would just like to quickly mention how much of a bargain this blazer was! During my lunchbreak at work we decided to pop down to Choice for a little mooch around and I spotted this boodiful blazer for £10 down from £32, I did in the end get it for £9 but I was soooo happy! I've been looking for a blazer to wear in the summer and the colour is just gorgeous and perfect!

Also tried to show you all my new earings, I got them from Matalan for about £4. Its a pearl front and the back is like a spike sort of thing (werid explaination soz!) but I really loved it! I also bought the cutest crocodile earings too which I'll try and photograph properly. I was rushing these pictures a little bit. I really loved this outfit but I reeeeeeally wanted to go out in the sunshinen (how AMAZING was the weather today, woaaah)

I did actually buy some new lipsticks today which I have swatched and photographed and was thinking about doing some sort of 'practice review' thing on here as I feel like I need to add something *extra* to my blog and I figured why not blog about my other favorite thing, lipsticks! Let me know whether this is something you guys would actually want to see and all that, or some other suggestions would be great!

Hope you're all enjoying the laaaaverly weather!


  1. Oh your hair really does suit you. And it looks absolutely beautiful in these photos!x

  2. Love this outfit, you're so pretty! I'd love to see the lipstick, I'm quite a beauty junkie but I also feel people wouldn't be interested if I blog about it. xx

  3. Love your hair! The blazer is lovely too, such a bargain! :)

  4. Hey darling, you look lovely I love the hot pink jacket!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping a lovely comment, I would love for you to follow me on twitter @BloggerEda

    Eda ♥


  5. Bargain earrings! LOVE the jacket so much :) such a bright shade really brightens up the outfit.


  6. lovely outfit, such cute earrings..love the spike at the back! also your hair is a-mazing LV x

  7. You are adorable! I'm so glad you found my blog because it led me to find yours! haha :) I really want your hair too, loving the purple dip dye! I also might have to steal those shoes.. seriously all around amazing!


  8. Great look... and your hair is awesome! xA

  9. Lovely colours! & I am loving this weather! Sat outside sunbathing & blogging ;) xx


  10. i kinda like the purple tips against the hot pink!
    i dipped my ends green last month and i wore a baby pink knit the next day, i felt like one of those troll dolls from the 80s, but in a good way, hehe x

  11. Oh my God, I completely forgot about Choice even existing! My mum used to drag me round there as a kid all the time. That was when I lived in Essex so it might even be the same one, haha! AND OH MY GOD, YOUR HAIR ♥

  12. gorgeous blazer and i love what you have done with your hair! xo


  13. love your tips! I'm dying to do that to mine

  14. Your dip dye hair is super cute, I love your blazer and how the brooch matches your hair! Off to follow you now :)

    Laila x

  15. Oh wow! Love this outfit, and I love how your dip dyed hair matches your blazer in a way! Very cute touch. I really like how you've used colours in this outfit, I think they all work really nicely together and compliment each other perfectly

    -lAURA xx

  16. Cute blazer and I like your hair

    NRC ♥

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  18. I love this summer ensemble! Such a bargain of a blazer and it goes so lovely with your skirt! I really like you brooch too, I need one of these in my life! And I like the way you've teamed your socks and creepers together. Lovely blog!

    Gemma x


  19. Serious hair envy here! Really like that earring too, I'd never really think of going to Matalan for jewellery but maybe I'll give it a go (especially for that price!)
    Kaz x

  20. The blazer is gorgeous and such a steal! I really like your earrings too, I love certain items that are pretty but also have an edge!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  21. I like how your hair matches your brooch too :D your hair is super lovely!!


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