Friday, 9 September 2011

Was going to do an outfit post today but didn't get around to it so I thought I'd do my weekly wants post now. I'm thinking I might do this as a friday thing now just going to try and think of a name for it.

I've become a bit obssessed with jumpers and cardigans this week, its been pretty chilly where I live which might be why! The first item is a shirt from Romwe, which I saw and fell in love with, its so cute and I love the collar detailling! The next is also from Romwe, I really like the pattern I think everyone is wearing the USA flag recently, haven't seen it like this yet though! Number 3 is a cardigan from Topshop, it looks very Chanel-esque and would be great for my office work! The last is again from Romwe I looooove the tassles at the bottom and the stripes!

I've been a frivalous with my money recently and just bought whatever I looked at which I'm paying for now as I'm skint almost! Silly me!


  1. I hate being skint. I love that tilopshop cardie!

    jules @ juleslovesthe80s/ a bit of jules

  2. love the first blouse, sooo cute :) xxxx

  3. that first collar is adorable, and i loooove the USA flag in clothing! usually its the UK flag so I like to represent USA when possible :)


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