Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stars in Your Eyes

Dress: Primark (with belt)
Shoes: Office
Lips: 'Red Red' Collection 2000

 Westfield Stratford is AMAZING! Absolutely loved it! Its so big and literally has everything. Was pretty gutted that the H&M and Mac hadn't opened yet but it just gives me a reason to go back! Got quite a bit of shopping, a few dresses, including this one I'm wearing from Primark, not sure how I feel about it on but I think its starting to grow on me. Definitley recommend the shopping centre to everyone! Me and mum went for a Wagamamas like we usually do when we go out, was very delish. All the sales assisstants and waiters are so chatty and lovely!

Luckily I didn't spend all my wages at Westfield so now I've been looking for a new camera. I've wanted one for ages and had my eye on the Canon EOS 1100d, as its pretty affordable and a Canon, I've always found that I liked Canons better as a camera. Any recommendations though would be much appreciated!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week :)


  1. Gorgeous dress!

    jules {click on 'wishlist' to access}

  2. Beautiful dress and lovely shoes! You look gorgeous! <3<3

  3. This dress is gorgeous!!! I love how shiny it is.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I don't really know a ton about camera's, but I do know that I'm loving that red belt!

  5. love your dress!!is trendation!!

  6. really love this dress and i'm not usually a big fan of star print!
    it looks gorgeous with the red belt.
    faye xo

  7. Love this dress! Lovely look :)

  8. love the dress, really suits you!!xx

  9. that is a lovely dress, i love your hair, your gorgeous :)

  10. Love that dress, it´s gorgeous!!You look so pretty.Kiss!!

  11. I love this dress & the way you paired it with such a pretty color belt, you always look so cute. Oh I've been saving up for a new camera as well...and I gave you an award on my blog. Come check it out :)


  12. Hi there, I've just started blogging and found you via seaofbloomingdreams' blog awards. You deserve the mentioned, your blog is great!

  13. You look so beautiful doll, that dress is great on you. I always recommend canons, whichever level, go with the canon.

    Liz Lizo


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