Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bite my tongue

outfit 2.1 outfit 2.2 outfit 2.3 outfit 2.4 outfit 2.5 outfit 2.6

Dress:- In Love with Fashion
Leggings:- H&M
Levi Denim Jacket:- Vintage
Hat:- Topshop
Boots:- DM's
Bag:- Ebay

Hey my lovlies! I know, I know, I'm slacking on the whole blogging side, I even took these photos on sunday! I got this dress a while ago but didn't reallly know what to wear it with as it soooo short! I decided I'd most probably have to wear it with leggings, these ones are from H&M and I thought they were a pretty good match for the AA Disco pants that everyone in the world has nearly but I just can't bring myself to pay all of that money for something I might not wear that much (I'm not a huge legging wearer) annnyway, I LOVED the colour of this dress and really wanted to wear it on holiday but I'm gonna need to figure something out so that my whole bum isn't hanging out!

Oh and obviously had to wear my pretty hat again ;)

p.s plz ignore my dodgy faces and the pile of shoes next to me!


  1. Love this! The hat is amazing & I love the dress x

  2. you look really beautiful,awsome outfit :)

  3. Fab outfit, loving that hat! saw a green and orange one in HandM the other day<3

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    Project Rattlebag



  4. Love the colour of the dress and the hat and they go so well together!
    Cara x

  5. You look gorgeous, as always! I love your dress!

    Lots of love xxx

  6. Love the colour of the dress and I want a vintage Levis jacket! Gorgeous xx

  7. I love that dress! But MY OH MY I love that hat! :D
    CAT xoxo

  8. Love the shape of the dress, I still havn't caved for the disco pants want them so bad though!

    joanne from

  9. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  10. OMG Amazing OUTFIT...lovely DRESS...i think this pics in the street are most my opinion.

    Lovely lovely HAT

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    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  11. The hat really suits you! I don't think many people could pull off that hat!

  12. Cute hat!


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  13. Stunning dress colour :)
    Loving green shades at the moment!
    X x x

  14. love your dress! it looks so comfy and "styling" friendly :)

  15. great outfit :)
    the hat is amazing ♥

  16. Good taste and grace for the fashion.

  17. Love the dress! The colour is beautts + you always have the most amazing way of dressing an outfit - your hat here is perfect for example!


  18. Really lovely dress! x

  19. I love this look - the hat really completes it!

    xo Jennifer


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