Thursday, 2 February 2012

Loveheart Bow-tie

Shirt & Bowtie:- ASOS
Skirt:- H&M
Boots:- New Look
Lips:- MAC 'Chilli'

Hey my lovlies! How cold has it been today?! Holy moly, been freezing all day today. Need to invest in some more thermal tights or clothes or something! The tights I'm wearing here are thermal and sooo thick but I'm starting to really dislike them. They're far too big for me so I don't really know why I wear them XD

Also wearing my new boots from new look, not that you can actually really see them. I'll do a better post on them at the weekend I think. I bought them as they were almost exactly the same as the Topshop Ambush boot that I've wanted for ages but just can't force myself to pay that much for them. So I found these on the New Look website for only £19.99 and bought them immediatly! They're quite comfy and are pretty lovely!


  1. The bow tie is so cute <3

  2. It was soooo cold today! Urgh, I wish I could stay in bed all day!
    Love outfit, the shirt & bowtie are gorgeous xx

  3. Stunning outfit, love the heart print trim on the shirt :)

    Georgie <3

  4. Love you blouse, I'm following I hope you will follow back


  5. So pretty!! You rock the bowtie!

    ox from NYC!

  6. Love your shirt, it's gorgeous! I really need to buy a black skirt like this one, they're so versatile x

  7. Love the shirt, it's really cute. I always opt for the cheaper evrsion, such a cheap skate! x

  8. The ASOS shirt is gorgeous! you look adorable :)

  9. The sleeves on that dress are so cute! Great outfit. Now following,one of the reasons is because your from good old essex ;) x

  10. Lovely blog.

  11. Hey, glad I found your blog, you've posted some really lovely outfits. Primark does great supercosy tights btw, they have fleece inside, they're great for the cold weather :) X

  12. How adorable is your blouse!! You look lovely.
    Oh I know I'm not impressed with this weather, I've been preparing myself for spring!

  13. U look great! love ur outfit and the MAC lipstick<33

    take a peak at my blog please ! <3


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