Saturday, 3 December 2011

Many surprises await you

Shirt: Red Herring
Shorts: Levis
Lips: Came with Boudoir Prive box (I got it in 'really red' and love it!)

Hello my lovlies! Thank you all for the comments on my last post I'm feeling miles better now, still got an annoying cough but I'm sure I'll live! Wearing my overly loved Levis that are a tad too big now but haven't gotten to grips with having to part with them yet. Keep sticking on my belt with them hoping they look alright!

I wore this last night for my Grandads 67th Birthday meal. Had such a lovely time with my family, we went to a new restaurant, Grand Central, as you can tell by the name its pretty American, had huge maps of New York all over the walls it looked so amazing and the food was pretty delish too. They put soooo much on the plate! Did mean to take some pictures of the restaurant itself but forgot!

Also been testing out new ways of doing my nails too, tried out doing a sparkly manicure the other day and I'm quite pleased with it! Think it looks really cute. Really like the idea of doing a black manicure with a matte black and then a shiney black for the tip, I can't remember where I saw it but I'll try and find a link for my next post.

Whats your nail styles?


  1. Really cute outfit, really want a new pair of darker levis x

  2. Love the sheer top, and your nails look really good! I remember seeing the matte/shiny manicure somewhere too, it looked super chic! xx

  3. I saw the the black nail manicure somewhere too! It looked really nice, think I may have seen it on Not sure. I have a models own giveaway on my blog if you would like to try and win some new colours for your nails! Love your outfit, I really want a black blouse like that x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

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  5. love your pants and your blog!what about follow each other?Kisses!


  6. I love your lippy, i know some people got the gold shade in the boudoir prive. I would've loved the red one. I wish that there was more make up in the glossyboxes! x

  7. awww hope your grandad had a good birthday, it was my gramps 70th the other day too, had some nice food mmm mmm mmm looool
    love the outfit btw :) x

  8. Gorgeous lip colour!!
    Laur x

  9. Love your shirt! Like the sound of that manicure too sounds really classy may have to try it xxx

  10. I LOVE your shirt!

    Victoria - VIPXO -

  11. Cute outfit, love your style! :)

  12. Your shorts! are seriously fabulous! I love shorts like that but I have the darnest luck finding a good pair. Levis are my favorite jean brand so maybe Ill get lucky.


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