Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Polly Pocket

Top: Topshop
Skirt H&M

Okay, I cheated a little bit with this post. I actually wore this last week and never got around to posting it so I thought I'd post it now. Bit of a basic outfit but this is the type of thing I would wear most days. I got my top agessss ago from topshop and wore it all the time for college then forgot I had it until the other day. My friends always used to say it made me look like a teacher!

Finally got my first GlossyBox. I'm quite pleased with it. I think over all most things I will probably use. I love love love the colour of the nail varnish I got with it. The eyeliner is really great to, tried it out today for work and thought it so so nice and easy to apply. Not sure about the about the anti-aging stuff but I'll still try it out. The perfumes are also not very 'me', they are nice smelling and all but I think my nan or someone will probably like them more then me! I'm a bit more of a Vera Wang Rock Princess kind of a girl (fave perfume ever). Wasn't sure if everyone wanted another GlossyBox picture post or anything so I just left it at this. If anyone does though feel free to let me know and maybe I'll try and do the Boudoir Prive box next time :)

Thought I'd add a few pictures of my nans puppy Polly. Now I am NOT a dog person at all but isn't she just the cutest little thing in the world! (even if she does have crazy teeth) Hope everyones having a lovely week :)


  1. The outfit's adorable, love the polka dots. I wish we could get glossyboxes in the states, but I'll just have to live vicariously through uk bloggers ! x

  2. i'm not sure what a glossy box is but this does NOT look like a teacher at all! i love the crochet collar

  3. cute doggy! (I too am not a dog person).
    But I love your top!


  4. Charming lady; cute dog. (:

  5. cute oufit, love the top!! Awwh such a cute puppy :) I'm just a 'cute animal' person aha! Would like to see a Boudoir Prive review as thinking about getting that xx


  6. ooh! so nice your dog!!
    love your top!!

    kisses and have a nice day=)

  7. Loving your polka dot top not to mention your nan's cute dog! xx

  8. Love your outfit, that top is so cute :) I'm more of a cat person, but she is adorable! Lovely blog hon

  9. Aww Polly is cute...adorable outfit, love the polka dots :)

    xo erica

  10. haha I do that too! Save outfit posts for later. I think its not cheating....its playing it smart ;)

    VERY cute outfit you have on here hun. Your pooch s freakin adorable too! teehee


  11. Gorgeous top! I adore polka dots they're just super cute and esepcially on you :) love your hair too! As for the dog I'm deffo not a doggy person (cats all the way I'm afraid) but awww that last photo ha-ha


  12. Hi yay your dog is soo lovely!!
    i followed you, hope u will do the same :D



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